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CN uniquely suited to job folding popcorn boxes

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CN uniquely suited to job folding popcorn boxes

“CN is a wonderfully unique person, who has very strong likes and dislikes for certain tasks, environments, and experiences,” says Lindsey Panassow, community integration supervisor.

With his uniqueness in mind, CN’s employment team found a match that benefits both CN and the business.

CN is motivated to complete repetitive tasks and has been observed to enjoy flipping through decks of cards in his free time. After touring the Giant Center (Hershey Entertainment), his career developer recognized the similarity between flipping through popcorn boxes and flipping through cards.

To help prepare CN to trial a job folding popcorn boxes, his staff took photos and videos of the task, drove CN past the Giant Center multiple times, and brought work materials to the Community Integration Center for CN to practice using them.

“CN ended up requesting to work on the popcorn boxes every time he arrived at the CIC!” Panassow says. “He wanted to bring the boxes with him everywhere – restaurants, in the van, to the park.”

CN’s staff felt it was time to bring him to the Giant Center to complete the task. He did better and better on each trial, increasing his work stamina and completing all of his assignments. It was obvious it was a good match when CN would enter the Giant Center with a smile and use phrases such as “Good Job! Ready, set, go!” and “Popcorn boxes, yes!?!”

CN enjoys the benefits of being an employee of Hershey Entertainment, including lunch in the breakroom at work and access to Hersheypark on his time off.

Surrounded by all the high fives and towers of completed popcorn boxes, CN’s smile shows his pride in a job well done!