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15Year Spotlight – 2014 – Andrea Strubhar

Andrea Strubhar 2014

To celebrate Vista’s 15th anniversary, we are bringing you a spotlight of someone who started his or her employment with Vista across each of the 15 years.

2014 – Andrea Strubhar

Andrea joined the Vista community in 2014 with 16 years of corporate experience, 13 years of that experience in information technology (IT). Andrea began the first three years of her career as an Administrative Assistant and was able to go to school while working. Upon completion of her schooling, Andrea was promoted to an IT position within the same company. During those 16 years of experience, Andrea worked with two different insurance companies and a bank.

Looking for a change from the corporate world, Andrea began her Vista journey as an IT Technician. She transitioned into the IT Generalist position after being with Vista for a year. Since her transition to Vista, Andrea has been happy. She sees that this organization is all about the students and customers. She loves that the organization has true purpose.

What is a day in the life of an IT Generalist like?

“Well, no two days are exactly the same!” Andrea went on to explain that her day may consist of fixing an issue with a Mac or ongoing printer issues, troubleshooting, resetting passwords, and creating “How To” guides for the use of equipment, such as kindles, cameras, etc.

Andrea also manages start-up projects for new departments. She has helped with interactive projectors and whiteboards, a new online storage system, and an employee intranet, and assists with Vista’s medical records software. Nearly 40 percent of her day is spent on IT “Help Desk” tickets. She also assists everyone who pops into her office with a problem or calls her with an issue.

What is the most rewarding part of your job at Vista?

“Seeing the students and customers using their devices, and knowing that the devices make a difference in their lives, is the most rewarding thing for me.”

Andrea went on to explain that everyone on the Vista team is always so grateful for the devices. She enjoys working with the team toward the same common goal – helping individuals with autism to realize their potential.

“I am truly in awe of the staff at Vista and enjoy seeing how they work together and respond to students and customers. They are fast, efficient, and compassionate.”