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15Year Spotlight – 2009 – Kenny Kinter

Kenny Kinter

15Year Spotlight – 2009 – Kenny Kinter

To celebrate Vista’s 15th anniversary, we are bringing you a spotlight of someone who started his or her employment with Vista across each of the 15 years.

2009 – Kenny Kinter

To know Kenny Kinter is to love him. A dedicated father of four with another one on the way, he has been a valued member of The Vista School family as a as both a Behavior Technician and Educational Behavior Support since the day he started on September 28, 2009. Bursting with personality and an engaging sense of humor, he helps to bring a smile to his teammates’ faces, even after some physically and mentally exhausting days together.

“In addition to the students, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a really strong team for all these years, and I’ve been in the same classroom since I started. I didn’t know at first if I could do this everyday, but it’s been incredible to work in an environment like this. The people I work with care about these students, and they’re here for them just like I am.”

What have you learned?
Kenny recently collaborated to transfer two high school students to Vista’s Community Integration Center, an adult training facility. During the transfer, he got to know the life skills Instructors and adult employment services team, a process he enjoyed.

“Helping them do things independently and seeing both big and small changes has been amazing. I think all the time, ‘Wow, look where these kids are now.’ They were 12 or 13 when I started. After this school year, all of the original students I started working with will have graduated.”

What makes you stay?

Watching his own young sons and daughter at home achieve significant development milestones keeps the perspective and reality of what many Vista families experience in their own homes fresh for Kenny.

“When the students here grow and make leaps of their own, I feel the same way towards them as I do about my own kids. It’s a similar proud dad moment for what they’ve achieved and how they’ve progressed.”

Pictured: Kenny Kinter, right, and high school student NF.