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15Year Spotlight – 2008 – Jody Muldowney

Jody Muldowney

2008 – Jody Muldowney

In November 2007, Jody learned that she and her family would be moving back to her home state of Pennsylvania, after residing in Germany for an extended period of time.

With many years of experience working with children with disabilities, she researched the Hershey area and submitted an application to only one potential employer – Vista. After finishing her interview, with her husband and kids waiting in the car, tears began streaming down Jody’s face with the realization that she desperately wanted the direct care job. She vividly remembers waiting to hear back from us.

“I was at Chick-fil-A with my daughter. I’ll never forget it. I got a call that I got the job and we were so happy celebrating. We wrote the date down on a cardboard finger we had as a keepsake. I still have it. For me, it was Vista or nothing. If I hadn’t gotten the job, I would have insisted on moving to another area.”

What have you learned?

Jody’s natural high-energy attitude and strong leadership abilities have proven to be particularly beneficial in the area of coaching and training adult learners. Since starting her employment on August 18, 2008, she has held the roles of Behavior Technician, Lead Behavior Technician, and Staff Trainer, and has left a lasting impact with each colleague and student she’s worked with.

“Everyone learns differently, just like the students we teach. Giving people a chance and developing a relationship with them is where the trust building really begins. I try to utilize different techniques to make sure people have faith in me, because I’m trying to help them become the best instructors they can be.”

What has made you stay so long?

“I love our students. They show you or tell you how much your hard work and devotion are appreciated. At the end of every day, I know I’ve made a difference somehow. People are surprised at how overwhelming our training is here, but it’s just the best to see their self-confidence increase over time and suddenly they get it. I always say if you feel like you’re being challenged by the things you’re learning, put yourself in our student’s shoes and think about the challenges they wake up and face every day.”

“I just love coming here. Whether I’m with a child or an adult, I’m here to fulfill Visa’s mission and dreams. I didn’t look for anything else back then because I knew this was it for me.”