Residential Services

Residential Services Enrollment Information

Check out our enrollment process for a step-by-step guide on how to apply.

Vista Residential Services Enrollment Process

  • Application Form – Complete an application form, which can be submitted either online or in person.
  • Phone Screening – Once our team of experts has reviewed the application and identified that the applicant meets our admissions criteria, we schedule a phone screening.
  • In-Person Meeting – The in-person meeting serves as a great opportunity for us to evaluate candidate eligibility and for you to ask any questions you may have.
  • Trial – If the applicant appears to be a good fit for our program, a trial run is arranged to see how the applicant might enjoy our services.
  • Waitlist – After the trial run is deemed a success, the applicant may be put on a waiting list until vacancies become available.
  • Enroll – Finally, the candidate is enrolled in our cutting edge residential services program and may enjoy all the freedom and satisfaction of living independently.

Fostering Independence in Adults with Autism

If you are a guardian of an adult with autism, providing them with the resources they need to live independently is the best way to help them feel valued and empowered.

Many clients in our Residential Services program choose to also participate in our Employment Services, where they can gain the skills they need to secure competitive employment.

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Making Autism Manageable for Adults

Everyone should have the experience of living independently. Learn how Vista helps adults with autism live with dignity in homes of their own.