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Vista Adult Day Services

Empowering Adults with Autism

Vista Adult Day Services makes it possible for adults with autism to experience independence.

Our Mission

Our Adult Day Services focuses on person-centered, individualized programming that builds upon an individual’s strengths while developing skills necessary to live a full and meaningful life. With expertise in autism and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), our behavior support professionals work 1:1 with individuals in the environment(s) where they spend their time – home, community, day service facilities and employment settings.

Behavior Support Services

Functional Behavior Assessment – Our service begins with a comprehensive functional assessment of presenting issue(s), including unsafe behaviors or behaviors that hold the individual back from fully integrating into their environment.

Behavior Support Plan – Based on the results of the assessment, our behavior support professionals develop behavior plans with positive strategies to decrease the presenting issue(s) and increase replacement skills. Plans also include actions loved ones and other team members can take to ensure the safety of the individual and others when unsafe behaviors occur. After the initial plan is developed, we collect data to monitor progress. When sufficient progress becomes a challenge, we change the plan to get better results.

Training – To ensure consistency and quality of the plan, Vista staff provide training on plan implementation to the individual, family members and other staff. Training occurs when new plans are put in place, new members join the team and any time refreshers or additional supports are needed.

Community Integration Center (CIC)

Individuals participate in activities on-site at our licensed center or in the community based on their interests and preferences, as well as, the outcomes of the individuals.

Half-Day Integration: Participants spend a percentage of their day in the community and the other time at the CIC. This program operates most often with ratios of 1:1 staff support. Our goal for participants is to increase skills in the areas of self-care, daily living activities, communication, decision-making and community safety.

Full-Day Integration: In this program, they spend their entire day integrated into the community rather than in our licensed setting.  Individuals will often be in small groups with ratios of one or two staff and two to three individuals.  Time is spent doing a number of different activities such as volunteering, participating in recreational activities, working on life skills, making healthy choices, improving physical fitness and increasing communication skills.

Employment Services

We believe that every person is employable. We work closely with adults with autism to help them find competitive employment.

Employment Services

In-Home Services

The Intensive In-Home program is for individuals who may not currently be appropriate candidates for community-based day programming, supported living, life sharing, or other residential services. Trained Direct Support Staff work with the individual in a 1:1 or 2:1 capacity, based on the individual’s level of support needs. Our Behavior Consultants develop effective support plans that will help them adapt to change, navigate their days and increase positive outcomes.

Program Goals:

  • Assist individuals with daily living skills in the home
  • Increase independence in various areas
  • Maintain safety
  • Work toward less intense services – in the home or a different service line (e.g. employment, day programs or residential services).
  • Identify specific outcomes for the person and model services to achieve those outcomes.

Throughout all aspects,close communication with the family is vital to the success of this program.  Parents/guardians also receive training on adult services, rights and responsibilities, incident management and behavior support plans.

Making Autism Manageable for Adults

Learn how Vista helps adults with autism maximize their potential.

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